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ConBo Food proudly presents our first cooking workshop in collaboration with Heart & Parcel.

In this workshop you will learn how to create some delicious Asian fusion dishes that will impress all your friends!

Come cook with us!

Heart and Parcel was founded in Manchester in 2015 to bring women from communities together by making dumplings and developing ESOL skills.

All profits from this workshop goes to support this amazing charity.

Thursday 6th September 2018 at 18:30 – let’s make some delicious plantbased fusion food at Inspire Levenshulme!

Check out the event details via Eventbrite.

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Plant based eating

It all started with a call from an 18-year-old girl who studies in London. At first glance, this girl was doing very well for herself, she received a scholarship, she’s a high performer and conscientious. One of those typical good students. But the reality was that she wasn’t coping, she felt unhealthy, exhausted and lonely. I was glad she called for support.

Despite the pressure, she pressed on to ensure no lectures or deadlines were missed. She hadn’t been sleeping, eating or exercising properly. Consuming mainly processed food, she wasn’t getting what her body needed and she gained a lot of weight too. Being both physically and mentally exhausted, she hardly had enough head space left to socialize. This new life away from home proved to be a real challenge, making her question if she should continue at uni.

I decided to visit her in London to see if I could help.

We sat and chatted for ages. We took a little stroll to the local supermarket to shop for some real food. Bearing in mind she’s on a student budget and a vegan, we shopped for food that would suit that budget without compromising too much on the quality.

Together we prepared several plant based meals, we tried new recipes in addition to ones we already knew. The food was tasty, protein rich, low cost and

freezable! By the time we sat down to eat dinner, I could tell she was already in a better place – the beaming smile and chattiness told me so! As we waved goodbye I knew she was equipped with a couple of simple and fast recipes that she could fall back on time and time again.

We parted with warmed hearts and full tummies.

On the way back to Manchester I thought, this is what I’ll do – share my time and cooking skills to bring smiles to people’s faces!

To cook for yourself is an act of self-love, but sharing that is an honest way to celebrate love!

Since then I’ve been offering my time to cook and chat with many more friends. The labour of love always ends up super tasty! Some of them have never made mash potatoes, and others just enjoy making plant based dumplings! Regardless, the thing that brought us all together was the realization to enjoy life’s simple pleasures! We parted with warm hearts and a full tummy!

Our goal at ConBo Food is to continue making connections through the preparation & sharing of food, and learn how we can all consume with a little less impact on our planet. Will you join me?

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